Turn your. 20% off L.O.L. Phoenix LTX can be at 10 to 25 lives and works at a maximum of 300 feet, and register hits from all angles since the dome is on top of the receiver. Innovations. The kids & I (just a grown child) absolutely love getting outside, running around and playing this game. NSI Laser X-Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience-2 Laser X Players-AS SEEN ON T… The shooting range is 130 feet making this laser tag a great outdoor and indoor toy. The laser tag features multiple gun options that a player can choose to attack an opponent. Price: US $99.99. Condition: Used. The package comes with a portable carrying case that allows you to quickly store away the laser gun set when not in use. Also, the different types of ammunition in this set make the game more interesting. The laser gun comes in different shooting modes that include pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket launcher modes. laser arena! It also includes tactile vibrations and cool lights for exciting blasting fun moments. Liberty Imports Multiplayer Laser Tag Mega 4 Pack Game Set features limitless team sizes, making it a suitable choice for group play. The blaster offers four weapon modes to choose from that include pistol, machine gun, shotgun, and rocket mode. Kidzlane Laser Tag Game Set (2 Players), 3. Enjoy the ear-to-ear smile on kids' faces when … The Multi-Player Laser Tag Game that will lead to hours of entertainment, creating wonderful memories with family and friends! Keep the competitive fire alive, and set a new high score in Family Bonding with the Arcade Game Making Kit. Families and friends can play indoors, outdoors, day or night. There are four laser tag modes in this blaster that include a pistol, submachine, rocket, and shotgun setting and can score up to 130 feet, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor games. Besides, it includes infrared beams that don’t emit actual laser beams; therefore, kids won’t get hurt when playing the game. The four-pack guns feature red, yellow, green and blue colors for a multiplayer game and four vests for each player.Â. The Play22 laser Tag Set features lighting that helps the players to play in the dark. Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor - Laser Tag Game Set Best Gift Boys Girls – Original. The X 88016 Gaming Set is safe to use and features harmless infrared beams. vintage Lazer Tag Game Kit laser original boxes. all laser x gear works together. The Battlefield Sports SATR3 system has two windows apps: SATR-HUB and SATR-SCORE. The four-team modes for group play feature an unlimited number of members in a team for more fun. Discount and Promotions Start Laser Tag Business Laser tag sets Competitive advantages Franchise Our Clients Dealers. item 6 1986 LAZER TAG GAME KIT WORLDS OF WONDER LASER TAG GAME KAY BEE TOYS new - 1986 LAZER TAG GAME KIT WORLDS OF WONDER LASER TAG GAME KAY BEE TOYS new. MEXISI Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set of 4 Players, 24. Additionally, the blasters are color-coded for team play with four selectable colors and include 130 feet long range shooting. 8. Many laser tag sets have extra options to switch … QUICK SLIDE … There’s a life meter in the blasters that indicate the health of a player and whether he needs to reload or is close to winning a game.Â. It is the game kit which is totally ready for home use or to start the business and make money on the fly. Strike Pros Ranger 1 Laser Tag Gaming Kit, 26. Cases for integration. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It consists of an unlimited number of teams and four firing modes that deliver varying amounts of damage to the opponents. The … This set comes with 4 shooting modes, 4 team colors, invisible mode, and a built-in flashlight, making it highly adaptable to a wide variety of games. This laser tag gun comes with a child-safe infrared technology with the emission of 0.9mW. cIts also easy to use and comes with four weapon modes that include the submachine, pistol, shotgun, and missile. There’s also a light bar indicator that allows the player to see the health of the blaster and when drawing closer to winning the game. $89.99 $ 89. The blasters include a built-in voice command prompt that notifies the player when the gun has reloaded or guide him along the way. It comes with four blaster settings from a pistol, shotgun, missile launcher, and submachine modes. Best Choice Products Interactive Infrared Blaster Laser Tag notably features remarkable sound effects and vibrations when the player is hit. POKONBOY 4 Sets Laser Tag with Guns and Vests, Upgraded Infrared Laser … Liberty Imports Multiplayer Laser Tag Mega 4 Pack Game Set, USA Toyz Space Blaster Laser Tag Multiplayer Game, Laser X 88016 Laser Tag Gun (2 Player Set), Nerf Official Laser Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2 Pack, RAYSHOT Phaser and Interactive Toy Gun Set, Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Multiplayer 4 Pack, USA Toyz Laser Tag Multiplayer Games (2Pk), Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game Set (Green and Orange), DYNASTY Toys Kids Game Laser Tag and Robot Bug Striker Pack, Power Tag Infrared Laser Tag Gun and Groove Set – 6 Player Pack, Matty’s Toy Stop Exclusive Infrared Tag Battle Bundle, Best Choice Products Set Interactive Laser Blaster, VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Gun 4 Player Set, Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set of 4 Players, Best Choice Products Interactive Infrared Blaster Laser Tag 4 Pack Set, MEXISI Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set of 4 Players, Power Tag Infrared Laser Gun and Vest Set (6 Players), Strike Pros Ranger 1 Laser Tag Gaming Kit, DYNASTY Toys Capture The Flag 2 Player Laser Tag Set, The Adventure Guys Deluxe Edtion Laser tag Gun, Liberty Imports Multiplayer Laser Tag Mega 4 Pack Game Set. ORDER NOW! The guns feature high-quality construction that makes this device safe for use by children. 10. The set is compatible with Dynasty guns and comes with a magnetic latch, a well-built handle making it easy to learn, fun and at the same time challenging.Â. The vibrations and the sound effects make the game more real for an epic laser tag game. The X 88016 Laser Gaming Set includes two blasters which are compatible with all other Laser X sets which encourage individual and team games. View cart for details. We will never send you spam, and unsubscribe any time! Depending on which fire mode you choose to use, you’ll take away different amounts of health. DYNASTY Toys Capture The Flag 2 Player Laser Tag Set, 27. It also comes with a carrying case for easy portability and storage when not in use. 80+ avatar's by default (100% customized) ArmoGear Laser Battle is an at-home laser tag system with arcade-style effects. The game will make you feel like you’re in a real battle line thanks to the realistic shooting sound effects for each gun mode included in the blasters. If you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor game that you can play together with your kids, laser tag can make an ideal choice. Item Information. The #1 home laser tag game . The RAYSHOT Phaser and Interactive Toy Gun Set feature two packs of guns that are red and orange in color, giving them aesthetic looks. Additionally, MEXISI included four weapon modes. The Toyard Laser Tag Gun Set features non-toxic ABS plastic construction durable to last a long time to come. 20% off NERF blasters & accessories. Shop now. The kids will have lots of fun with team settings or blast settings.Â. Shop Now. The blasters include high-quality construction with a well-built handle that provides a firm grip during a battle. The vest features a total of nine lives and a solid handle that is easy to hold when shooting in a battle. Start the Laser Tag Game Using the SATRWARE software . Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set of 4 Players, 22. 30. The set also includes light on the side to indicate how much ammo you have left. Pistols. The entirely metal set with the M4 laser carbine onboard has swanky effects and realistic tagger sounds, a variety of adjustable features and settings … Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. Reliable taggers and essential additional devices and vests will help you operate the business in easy way. Ages: 8 years and up . This laser tag gun features safe infrared signal technology that is safe for kids. The Kidzlane laser tag game set features a life meter that tracks the health of the player indicating if its time to reload or if getting closer to winning. The set also comes with target vests, which can be enabled or disabled with lifelike shooting sounds to immerse the players in the battlefield fully. When the guns and vests reach zero health, the player is eliminated. This laser tag from Best Choice Products features four blasters that come in four different colors, making it an excellent all-around choice. $ 239) brings your war games … The vest and the gun synchronize perfectly to take you to an action-packed battlefield. The toy notably features long-range shooting at 200 feet and full-color lighting effects that allow you to keep track of shots and hits.Â. The Adventure Guys Deluxe Edtion Laser tag Gun includes four premium quality laser blasters that come in four colors- white, green, blue, and red for the multiplayer set game. USA Toyz Laser Tag Multiplayer Games (2Pk), 14. The shooting mode in this blaster would affect the number of bars indicated on the side of the toy. Boy Star Wars Birthday Party blasters are packed with lights, sounds, and vibrations making it a laser tag gun set for solo and multiplayer fun. Besides, this toy will enhance target shooting skills in the young players’ thanks to the spider training bots that are included in the package. vintage Lazer Tag Game Kit laser original boxes. "WE ARE THE VIDEO GAME GUYS OF THE LASER TAG INDUSTRY. The package includes a sturdy carry bag that your kid can use to store the blasters after use. This multiplayer set includes four tactical masks and protective glasses to keep the kids safe from the flickering lights during play. Blast opponents up to 300 FT. Blasters light up more than 20 DIFFERENT COLORS! Blair HO KIT Laser-Cut Fred and Red's Cafe. It also includes a compact design with a unique handle, making it easy to play and hold. on the planet! Historical weapons. Default; Price; Name; Date; Unique AR-15 Ranger play set (SPECIAL … LUKAT also included four weapon modes in this blaster that include pistol, machine gun, shotgun, and rocket mode setting. The USA Toyz Laser Tag Multiplayer is an epic laser tag game thanks to the handy features included in the game making it a fun and entertaining toy for solo play, team 1 and team 2 plays. MOONTOY Laser Gun and Vests Set of 4-Laser Tag Guns for Kids And Adults Play Garden Games and Best gift for kids Indoor-Outdoor Group Activity 2020 Newest 4.4 out of 5 stars 16 £79.99 £ 79 . This laser tag features a small slide at the back at every cycle to offer a shooting range of 100 feet. Nerf Official Laser Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2 Pack, 7. The Adventure Guys Deluxe Edtion Laser tag Gun, 28. Shop Now. It also includes an infrared receiver that is harmless and child-safe.Â. Sub-machine guns. Includes 2 Laser X Blasters with 2 Receiver Vests. The beams activate sensors that register hits on the opposite player. Besides, USA Toyz included sound effects and vibrations that make the game more real. QUICK SLIDE … Nov 29, 2018 - Explore Jeff Johnson's board "Laser Cut Toys, Games & Puzzles", followed by 1271 people on Pinterest. There’s a wide variety of laser tag toys in the market that makes it difficult to pick a perfect toy for your kid. Power Tag Infrared Laser Tag Gun and Groove Set – 6 Player Pack, 17. Additionally, the set features lights and vibration effects when a player is hit, making the game more interesting. Grenade launcher & shotguns. Description Everything you need for 2 Laser X Players. The collection notably features four modes and four different life bars that light up when shooting or when a player has been hit.Â. Laser tag toys offer a thrilling experience for kids and adults alike. Other features in the Yofit laser tag gun include vibrations and incredible sound effects that make the player feel as if they’re in a real battlefield. Best Choice Products Set Interactive Laser Blaster, 20. Order by: Default . Details about vintage Lazer Tag Game Kit laser original boxes. Power Tag Infrared Laser Gun and Vest Set (6 Players), 25. 7. Your kids will enjoy playing with them outdoors, especially during family get together. The collection features high-quality material construction which guarantees long-lasting quality. laser x revolution. All you need for a fun-filled day is this kids laser tag set and a group of willing participants! Matty’s Toy Stop Exclusive Infrared Tag Battle Bundle, 18. The laser tag gun features a sturdy build with lighting effects on the side that indicate your health and when you need to reload the ammo. This laser tag gun from Power Tag is a sleek, lightweight device for comfortable handling even with very young players. Also, the team sizes are limitless, making it an excellent choice for bigger games. The laser tag set packs two blasters and two receiving vests. The player can change the weapon mode at any time during the battle thanks to a dedicated button that Liberty Imports included in the set. 4.4 out of 5 stars 821. The cabinet itself is crafted out of laser-cut wood that fits together without the need for screws, allowing users to easily access the electronics inside. Find inspiration in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide . A laser tag gun fires infrared beams to tag your opponents. At the same time, your big screen TV makes the realistic sounds and displays the hits in real-time like a spotting scope. Filter by: Sale Top New. blaster sets. Something went wrong. Best Choice Products Set Interactive Laser Blaster includes settings that allow multiplayer and teams. This Laser X- double game provides you with fun and entertainment that can be done either indoors or outside. The laser gaming set features full-color lighting effects that let you keep track of shots and hits. It comes with no strapping vests making the blaster the target. Armor Gear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters is a revolutionary four-team action game with no age limit, making it ideal for a family smashing laser tag tournament. This is a multiplayer set that includes 4 players. on the planet! Kidzlane Laser tag Set – Lazer Tag Guns Set of 4 with Vest and Laser Tag Spider Target – Laser Tag Game for Kids Boys Age 8+ - Indoor or Outdoor Fun for Kids, Adults, and Family 4.5 out of 5 stars 206 Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game Set (Green and Orange), 15. Learn More. The blaster comes with a life bar that displays the remaining lives and how far you are from victory. Best choice also included lights and sound effect settings in the blasters for realistic sound effects and vibrations. It has all the high tech functionality and game play as the latest first person shooter games , but the benefit of having the kids actually outside running around. Sold by Ami Ventures Inc. $43.69 $39.69. There’s also an interactive beetle bug that flips and wiggles when hit by the laser gun.Â. THERE IS A REASON WHY HALO ($5+ BILLION DOLLAR GAME FRANCHISE!) Blair N Laser-Cut Roadside Tourist … Besides, the bay allows easy portability when traveling. The toy features superior quality construction and rigorously tested for durability. Additionally, what makes this game superior is the included stealth fighting mode that turns the light off for 15-second invisibility. item 7 Vintage LAZER TAG Game Kit Worlds Of Wonder Original Box - Vintage LAZER TAG Game Kit Worlds Of … Laser Upgrade Kit is a Weapon Upgrade used in crafting Tier 2 (T2) weapons. The Recoil Multiplayer (appx. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Multiplayer 4 Pack, 13. Get Email Offers. LSD Raven is not just another laser tag guns set. The laser tag uses invisible infrared beams and sound effects that heighten the gaming experience. The shotgun setting is the most powerful for relatively long range shooting while the pistol mode is the most extended range in this laser tag but the weakest. It also comes with a 130 feet shooting range to enjoy an action-packed fun. laser x revolution. dolls & playsets. First Laser Tag Equipment with Selfie Camera The Selfie camera socializes the Laser Tag experience. The gun allows your kid to easily and quickly change the ammo and the firing mode when needed providing lots of fun for kids and adults alike. The Matty’s Toy Stop Exclusive Infrared Tag Battle Bundle features 4 player set that includes Red, Green, Blue and Yellow blasters that allows you to play individually and in a team of two. There are four firing selection modes included in each gun that include the rocket launcher, pistol, shotgun hand machine gun. The kids will enjoy playing with this set, which enhances imagination and creativity. ComTec Laser Tag & Vest Set, 2-Pack only comes with two guns, but you can purchase extra blasters or switch off with other people to create larger teams. 2. USA Toyz Space Blaster Laser Tag set features shotgun, pistol, submachine gun, and rocket launcher modes that will offer players thrilling fun. The latest equipment generation provides an exceptional quality level of laser game. METAL GAME SET is a perfect laser tag solution for military and special corps training. Holiday Storybooks ‘Tis the season to snuggle up with festive favourites and modern classics filled with love, … It also has an interactive voice coach that gives feedback and tips during the game … It’s an enjoyable game that you can play both indoors or outdoors coupled with versatile features, ease of use, and tons of fun gaming experience. It also includes a status meter that reminds you if need to reload your ammo or if you’re close to victory. 19. Additionally, the set includes a life bar that indicates the health status of a player and whether they need to reload or are close to winning a game.Â. The vests are comfortable to take on and off, Carrying case for secure storage and portability, Easy to unpack and play quickly without a ton of instructions, Switching dead batteries takes a reasonable amount of time, The LED light can be irritating in the dark, Difficult to tell which setting you're on when playing, The exterior of the blaster feels a little inexpensive, Difficult to remove and put in new batteries, The battery closure is difficult to unscrew, Each laser gun requires 4 AA batteries which can be pretty expensive, Different life bars to indicate the gun mode, The blasters seem less accurate with increased distance, The quality of the spiders could be improved, The flashing lights are too bright when playing at night, Excellent for team and solo freestyle tag battle, Comes with a screwdriver for opening the battery compartment, The reload feature is nice and smooth, works every time, There’s no option to turn down the volume, Doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries, Smoke like vapor emitter for dramatic effects, The targets are adjustable and fit everyone with ease, The instructions are not easy to understand, Pairing the devices is a little challenging at first, An excellent way for kids to connect with each other, Uses too many batteries which is not very economical, 1. USES BATTLE COMPANY EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE" - AARON FISCHER - CEO - BRM – METAL M4 Type Laser Tag Gun with Recoil and Flip Magazine Reload. These laser tag toys will help you make the right choice that matches your needs. The gadget is powered by six AA batteries. The package also contains reversible team vests and tons of other useful features. The set features one blaster and a robot spider nano-bug target for lots of fun to save the planet from a robot invasion. $49.95. No vest is required for the target, it also comes with a solid grip, sound effects, and vibrations. Each different ammunition level features its setting to tackle an opponent effectively. RAYSHOT Phaser and Interactive Toy Gun Set, 9. Recoil Multiplayer. 99 USA Toyz Space Blaster Laser Tag Multiplayer Game, 4. An expandable, feature-packed laser tag set that includes guns and vest targets for up to 4 players. laser x revolution. Whichever team has the most surviving members or the most hits on the opposing team wins the game.