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Klagenfurt May 2018

On May 12th, after having enjoyed the last years of the beautiful fair in Klagenfurt, we decided to go again this year: and what better opportunity to make a nice gathering of friends ??

From Veneto and Friuli we left at dawn to arrive in opening hours: Elvia and Moreno had already risen the night before. Me, Sergio, Francesco, Elena, Giorgio, Giuliano, Franco, Carlo, Moreno (R.) and Mattia found ourselves at the last autogrill before the border. Coffee, ritual greetings and then off to the fair!

Arrived we find almost everything ready ... it starts with the ride ...

Outside there are plants from particular gardens, trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, fruit orchids and carnivores ... in short, there is something for everyone!

Once inside the complex we immediately faced the refreshment point and on the right the association's counter; a few meters and we are in the exhibitors' salon.

As you enter we find Elvia and Moreno, with the close prof. Zanovello with Luigina: some greetings and we start with purchases!

In full style of our meeting mid-morning and at lunch we set the banquet, behind the van of Giorgio, to which everyone has participated with something and we revel in great: come also friends of Rome with cultural exchanges of wine ...

Afternoon relax ... chat ... last purchases ... a couple of good beer ... and at 4 pm it's time to remove the noise and free the hall.

We help to load everything and take the road back ...

Shortly after the border, a stop in Camporosso for the afternoon picnic: the company is some of the best and there is no lack of laughter. Sazi in every sense we drink a coffee and we all hug with the hope to see you soon again to spend a beautiful day together.

Thanks to everyone, you're the best!



Paella Mission 2017


... it was too long that you did not meet together ... each one taken from their own commitments as is the norm ... and a good day, almost jokingly, leaves a mess of messages ...and organizes a reunion with our friend Giorgio ... and given the spark that started the whole thing he was called: PAELLA MISSION

Operazione Paella 2017


Date decided on April 9 ... We are (in order of photos) Elvia, Sergio, Claudio, Silvia, Moreno, Alfredo, Giuliano, Raffaella, Carlo, Erika (VR), Erika (VI) and Fabio, Paolo, Nicolò, Eleonora , Francesco, Wanda, Ignazio, Luisa, Nicoletta, Elena, Enrica, Miriam, Cristiano, me and of course the SUPER hosts Fabiana and Giorgio. Unfortunately our dear Frankus could not be ours but we were still close to thinking.

Friulian friends prepare the Paella, Fabiana and Giorgio also put the house and everything else, and we all bring something in our usual way.

Sunday does not seem to arrive .... but the wait ends and the morning is good we all go to Cervignano!!

They are all already busy with the preparations and, after greetings, we put on the sleeves and we try to help some of us too: after preparing the starters and the table let the chefs to their most important task and let us talk and observ the wonderful Giorgio's plants.

The day is fantastic, as well as the wonderful company there is a wonderful sun, and the temperature is pleasurable

Time passes fast when Giorgio gets up in the chair thank you all (we will have to thank him), he calls us to the table and invites us to form the queue for the sobbing PAELLA !!

After several entrees, including the mythical Russian salad of Silvia ... it goes in the order with Paella, Caponata, various meats, polenta and vegetables ... in the middle of the lunch the friends Erika and Cristiano announce that Fabio and Lorenzo will have another little brother or sister .. we will all new aunts and aunts !!!! Let me imagine the emotion ... THANK YOU FOR SHARE WITH US THIS BEAUTY NEWS !!

... relaxed a little emotion and after finishing the lunch you save the big and then a little pause Fico

During this break we continue to chat and look at the beautiful plants of Giorgio, who, as always, always accompanies us in the visit.

Time seems to fly ...

As soon as you open a bucket we pass all over to sweets, coffee and digestives ... and seeing the proximity to Easter could not miss the egg !!

We arrived at the end of this beautiful day together. Great day out of friends, breaking away from everything, sharing a part of yourself ... the only sore note is that it's over!

I thank everyone for attending, especially Silvia, Claudio, Erika and Alfredo and Paolo, considering the distances they had to cover; I take advantage again, never enough, to thank the hosts for their kindness and sweetness in welcoming us to their home. You are wonderful!! We are all a pretty family


Ps: To remember this day I attach a few photos taken by several friends present.




A little Christmas gift...

Hello friends !!

To wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year we decided to share with you once again part of our trip ... enjoy video... 


Hello friends, it has now been a lot of time from mid-September little party ... but waiting for the next "succulent" publications we put some pictures of the day to those who were there, who could not be there physically and who will be the next.

A big thank you to those who came to bring his company and a great to those who have brought something ... remember that meat and drink was part of the house, but all the friends who contributed with something ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ... it's nice to have friends as well !!

A big hallo at all .... soon with new content Risatona



Baby's chair operation

On May 22, after several weeks of messages to make arrangements, we gladly accepted the invitation of Erika and Cristiano to visit them by bringing together a group of friends around Lorenzo: the wonderful new arrival.

All friends, started from the middle of northern Italy, came together at 11.

We all punctual found in home of the kind of Christian parents: Sandra and Bruno. We take the opportunity right now to thank them for their availability and sympathy.

These were (in alphabetical order): Alfredo, Cedric, Claudio, George, Eleonora, Elvia, Erika (Vr), Franco, Giuliano, Miriam, Moreno, Nicoletta, Nicolò, Paolo, Silvia, of course Erika, Cristiano and the small Lorenzo, Elisa, Sandra, Bruno and grandfather.

Some friends unfortunately were not able to be with us, but they were still with us: we will certainly be other opportunities to spend days together.

After greeting everyone, the "cooks" Giorgio and Giuliano, with the help of the landlord, they are put on the grill for preparing the meat; others are entertained in conversation, admiring the Cristiano's collection (await the promise 'Sperico') and all the beautiful plants of the mother, but what most attracted them all is the beautiful and very smiling Lorenzo. (Mom and Dad congratulations !!!!)

Approached the lunch hour there were brought to the terrace where we set the table with delicacies brought from all friends (how we always do in our "Summer" meetings).

When we were all at the table we delivered a thought for the home children, small symbol of the affection we feel for them and for Erika and Christian.

There was a magnificent sun that lights the day, and the hosts have also thought to take shelter during lunch with umbrellas.

After the mega lunch we moved under the pergola under the beech: we have been here all afternoon in total relaxation. Between a chat and the other, we ate sweets, drank coffee and tasted the delicacies "heady" work of Cristiano's mother and the same Christian.

The afternoon flew and in a moment came the 6 pm. It's time to let a little quiet the guests very kind, we greeted everyone and promised to meet again soon, sure to never forget this meeting.

Thank you all for being together, a special thanks to the family of Christian and Erika: you are fantastic !!


See you soon…


Ps: the name of the operation is a Giorgio's stroke of genius