Baby's chair operation

On May 22, after several weeks of messages to make arrangements, we gladly accepted the invitation of Erika and Cristiano to visit them by bringing together a group of friends around Lorenzo: the wonderful new arrival.

All friends, started from the middle of northern Italy, came together at 11.

We all punctual found in home of the kind of Christian parents: Sandra and Bruno. We take the opportunity right now to thank them for their availability and sympathy.

These were (in alphabetical order): Alfredo, Cedric, Claudio, George, Eleonora, Elvia, Erika (Vr), Franco, Giuliano, Miriam, Moreno, Nicoletta, Nicolò, Paolo, Silvia, of course Erika, Cristiano and the small Lorenzo, Elisa, Sandra, Bruno and grandfather.

Some friends unfortunately were not able to be with us, but they were still with us: we will certainly be other opportunities to spend days together.

After greeting everyone, the "cooks" Giorgio and Giuliano, with the help of the landlord, they are put on the grill for preparing the meat; others are entertained in conversation, admiring the Cristiano's collection (await the promise 'Sperico') and all the beautiful plants of the mother, but what most attracted them all is the beautiful and very smiling Lorenzo. (Mom and Dad congratulations !!!!)

Approached the lunch hour there were brought to the terrace where we set the table with delicacies brought from all friends (how we always do in our "Summer" meetings).

When we were all at the table we delivered a thought for the home children, small symbol of the affection we feel for them and for Erika and Christian.

There was a magnificent sun that lights the day, and the hosts have also thought to take shelter during lunch with umbrellas.

After the mega lunch we moved under the pergola under the beech: we have been here all afternoon in total relaxation. Between a chat and the other, we ate sweets, drank coffee and tasted the delicacies "heady" work of Cristiano's mother and the same Christian.

The afternoon flew and in a moment came the 6 pm. It's time to let a little quiet the guests very kind, we greeted everyone and promised to meet again soon, sure to never forget this meeting.

Thank you all for being together, a special thanks to the family of Christian and Erika: you are fantastic !!


See you soon…


Ps: the name of the operation is a Giorgio's stroke of genius