Klagenfurt May 2018

On May 12th, after having enjoyed the last years of the beautiful fair in Klagenfurt, we decided to go again this year: and what better opportunity to make a nice gathering of friends ??

From Veneto and Friuli we left at dawn to arrive in opening hours: Elvia and Moreno had already risen the night before. Me, Sergio, Francesco, Elena, Giorgio, Giuliano, Franco, Carlo, Moreno (R.) and Mattia found ourselves at the last autogrill before the border. Coffee, ritual greetings and then off to the fair!

Arrived we find almost everything ready ... it starts with the ride ...

Outside there are plants from particular gardens, trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, fruit orchids and carnivores ... in short, there is something for everyone!

Once inside the complex we immediately faced the refreshment point and on the right the association's counter; a few meters and we are in the exhibitors' salon.

As you enter we find Elvia and Moreno, with the close prof. Zanovello with Luigina: some greetings and we start with purchases!

In full style of our meeting mid-morning and at lunch we set the banquet, behind the van of Giorgio, to which everyone has participated with something and we revel in great: come also friends of Rome with cultural exchanges of wine ...

Afternoon relax ... chat ... last purchases ... a couple of good beer ... and at 4 pm it's time to remove the noise and free the hall.

We help to load everything and take the road back ...

Shortly after the border, a stop in Camporosso for the afternoon picnic: the company is some of the best and there is no lack of laughter. Sazi in every sense we drink a coffee and we all hug with the hope to see you soon again to spend a beautiful day together.

Thanks to everyone, you're the best!