Visit to our friend Michael Kiessling

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Saturday, May 18 we made a visit to our friend Michael Kiessling Pittenhart (Germany).

With friends Cedric and Loretta we left early in the morning, stopping in Bressanone to meet Roberto Siniscalchi, and then continue to our destination. Cross the Brenner Pass between snow-covered mountains we went down in the sweet German plain in a day of bright sunshine.

Once we had the pleasant surprise to meet our friend Erika from Verona who had the same idea: to visit the splendid greenhouse of Michael. We got lost between the pallets full of plants in perfect condition and very soon we raided specimens ...

We also had the good fortune to see many flowers both among Opunziacee that among other species. The friendliness of Michael both in explaining the various methods of cultivation in offering refreshments was, as always, rise to the occasion.

Now I look forward to our party on September 1st where he will give a lecture and lead his beautiful plants ....