For him to be in the position he holds, several people are guilty of serious lapses of judgement. 110, Jacksonville, FL 32225 | (904)501-7872 I've been hesitant to speak to the authorities further, but maybe that is a good idea. There’s no free time for us to manage ourselves, we cannot receive phone calls for a while unless it’s an absolute necessity. (Communication with the outside world, apart from very infrequent trips into town and to other houses, is almost non-existent for the typical American member of Community; when it does happen it is tightly controlled and monitored, and would certainly never involve electronic means of communication. La chiamata è una sorpresa bellissima che lo Spirito Santo ha fatto alla vita di ognuna di noi e siamo felicissime di aver potuto rinnovare, durante la Celebrazione Eucaristica, i voti di povertà, castità, obbedienza e servizio e amore ai poveri. If it's necessary to pick which responsible is worse, the choice is decidedly Jeremy Rieser. I think it's a sort of cult; it at least has many cultish qualities, and life in a Cenacolo community is much like one would picture life in a cult. I'd rather be on the bottom of normal society than a member of any sort in Community Cenacolo. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. Jeremy will often speak in a threatening way towards someone who has especially angered him, threatening to or expressing the desire to smash in the head of the person he is addressing. Want to watch this again later? ... Festa della Vita 2013, Comunità Cenacolo - Duration: 1:48. marcociva 2,326 views. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We don’t watch television (unless we watch a nice movie, or a sporting game together) or listen to music (with the exception of what we ourselves sing, or some clean music). They stole things and money from me and my family; they lied to me and my family. It is nothing short of amazing that Mr. Rieser was given a position of trust, and that he is likely to be the next head responsible of Our Lady of Hope. Eventually, the object of Marco's deep and strange affection was transferred to Our Lady of Joyful Hope in Alabama; the consecrated shortly afterward saying in "Revision of Life" that Juno's absence made him feel as if his own "heart had been torn out." This is "CREDO - Comunità Cenacolo - Tour 2014" by Comunità Cenacolo on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 110, Jacksonville, FL 32225 | (904)501-7872 document.write('\n Nell’omelia Padre Stefano ci ha ricordato la bellezza di poter celebrare questa Pentecoste proprio nel luogo dove vive ancora Madre Elvira. I've been told France treats the possession of another person's passport seriously. Mons. According to Chris Felix, the leadership used to alter the text of some letters sent from members to parents before those letters were sent out. These people - Community Cenacolo as a whole, Our Lady of Hope, and the leadership of Our Lady of Hope - are no good. ), torturing wildlife, giving to themselves limited slots available for religious pilgrimages, and taking advantage of their access to vehicles to sneak off in the middle of the night and have sex with girls from Maria Gorretti. ... Drug Rehab Cult Comunita Cenacolo. Communication between members of an individual commune is tightly controlled as well. Marco, Chris Felix, and Jeremy Reiser are not isolated cases. Comunità Cenacolo America | 9485 Regency Square Blvd, Ste. The "responsibles" - that is, the top leaders of the particular community in which I lived - Chris Felix and Jeremy Reiser were guilty of killing wildlife and feral cats and kittens in the area in cruel and heinous ways. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,7788,page=1. Marco Arnolfo a Casaleggio. In Community, we neither smoke nor drink. A mean and rude person, Albino is, in my opinion, himself unfit for leadership. "Gesù è ancora e sempre tra noi: da qui derivano la nostra forza, la nostra perseveranza e la nostra gioia,proprio dalla presenza di Gesù tra noi con la forza dello Spirito Santo. The CEI isn't a very good/balanced resource. He talks about demons - literal evil spiritual intelligences - which he encounters and which torment him. He ensured that Juno was working with him virtually all day every day. In his treatment of animal life he is, to say the least, extremely rough and violent; and, considering the bullying and the rape fantasy, I get the idea that he takes pleasure in engaging in this sort of behavior. Did you know? (I have no problem with the necessary eradication of venomous snakes, and I understand that killing a snake is a less serious matter than killing a large mammal. Listen to Comunità Cenacolo Radio featuring songs from Il pane della vita free online. Madre Elvira ha sempre amato moltissimo questo canto ed è per noi molto commovente vedere che oggi la nostra Madre, con la sua vita e portando la croce con tanto amore, incarna le parole di questa preghiera. Do you plan on telling any authorities or other outlets about your information? CREDO nella MISERICORDIA. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; For those in Community he has nothing but insults, belittling words, and barked orders. Ringraziamo perché lo Spirito Santo ci ha illuminate per poter vivere al meglio questa giornata. Cenacolo "houses" always keep members' documents locked away. But I'm not sure why Marco was so upset considering that, wouldn't you know, it turned out that Marco had planned to himself transfer to Alabama a few weeks following Juno's move. Facebook is a huge no-no.). This was case with their summer newsletter of this year. Sign in. I'm not sure about how that might be approached, but speaking with the right people may lead to action being taken. And how are you doing now? I have considered contacting the law enforcement of foreign countries in which Cenacolo communes are located, but have been unsuccessful. We don’t follow a God that is dead, we don’t follow an absent God, we don’t follow a God who doesn’t speak, who doesn’t embrace us, who doesn’t smile, He is … //-->, Sito realizzato e gestito dalla Comunità Cenacolo - Associazione San Lorenzo - Via S. Lorenzo 35 12037 Saluzzo (CN) - Italy - C.F. var addy24878 = 'info' + '@'; Its members live a spiritual, quasi-monastic lifestyle centered around prayer and work on one of its many communes in Europe and America. I already mentioned that he and Chris killed feral cats and kittens, but he also has smashed a baby bird with a hoe and has been engaged in an ongoing obsessive crusade against the snakes on the property, nailing them to trees and smashing their heads into pavement. Marco had Juno sleeping in the same room. This is a video presentation for Comunita Cenacolo America. Quest’anno, a causa dell’emergenza COVID, sembrava difficile poter festeggiare insieme la Pentecoste: eppure, domenica, attraverso la modalità streaming, la Madonna ci ha riuniti nel “Cenacolo” della Casa di Formazione con Madre Elvira, Padre Stefano e le “Suore Missionarie della Risurrezione” ed è stata una festa. "Young guys", people with less than six months in Community, are not allowed to be alone with, or even speak to, each other. He disregards the rules and procedures of Community life and functioning, speaking and using his smart phone during rosaries and interrupting people "maintaining their commitments" to make frivolous and unserious remarks. Ex-members who have left without Community's or Albino's blessing, who have "left too early", are vilified or said to have been clearly in the wrong. I've contacted American Embassies in Europe to complain about Americans being sent overseas on 90-day visas to live in foreign communes for 1+ years, and about the conditions of those communes. Ringraziamo il Signore per il dono di seguire Gesù e appartenere alla famiglia delle “Suore Missionarie della Risurrezione”. He takes out his anger and aggression in unhealthy, damaging, and sometimes shocking ways. And I have a host of other complaints to make against them. Someone associated with an embassy contacted me saying they wanted to have me interviewed, but never followed through. Is there anything this subreddit can do for you? Community Cenacolo, begun in the 80s, is a program designed for alcohol and drug addicts. DONA ORA Scopri di più Scopri di più IL TEMA Ciascuno ha bisogno di ascoltare dalla voce di Gesù: "...dico a te, alzati! For Jeremy, everything in his surroundings and immediate experience is full of meaning and signs of the working of intelligent, incorporeal forces. Cari amici, la Cappella dell'Adorazione Eucaristica Perpetua quest'anno sarà nella fraternità di Lourdes e vi potrete accedere durante i giorni della Festa registrandovi sul sito 5:23. Comunità Cenacolo America | 9485 Regency Square Blvd, Ste. SHOP ONLINE e-commerce NOW OPEN! I have said that the organization is not above lying. Questo tempo di pandemia è stato ed è sicuramente per ognuno di noi un tempo particolare in cui sentiamo di dover dare più spazio alla preghiera per lasciarci abitare dallo Spirito, per sentire che l’Amore che unisce il Padre al Figlio è anche l’Amore che ci abbraccia, ci guarisce, ci guida, ci sostiene in ogni momento. This extremely liberal allowance and incredible bending of the rules was made by the same man who had screamed at the entire house after a radio had been discovered in someone's possessions. Cenacolo News: Visita di S.E.R. Quest’anno, a causa dell’emergenza COVID, sembrava difficile poter festeggiare insieme la Pentecoste: eppure, domenica, attraverso la modalità streaming, la Madonna ci ha riuniti nel “Cenacolo” della Casa di Formazione con Madre Elvira, Padre Stefano e le “Suore Missionarie della Risurrezione” ed … I was losing count as I read and got progressively more angry for you and your fellow victims)). Segue... Festival dei Giovani a Medjugorie.