Lastly, he told him that in order to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke had to kill the person closest to him, and that when they met again, they should have the same eyes. Itachi tells Naruto to keep quiet about the reason why the whole Uchiha clan was murder. La prima mossa è q.. ITACHI = marmotta. Chi mi sa scrivere questa frase in giapponese? Non posso ancora dire niente, ma un grosso evento lo colpirà. While being allowed to fight his brother, Itachi taunts Sasuke's weakness, incapacitates him with Tsukuyomi, and then decides to make his escape. When the Uchiha clan began planning to overthrow Konoha, Itachi was tasked with exploiting his position to spy on the village. Itachi learned about his father's plan, on how he would control the village by using Itachi's Anbu position as a means to allow him to subjugate the village as the Hokage. While they oppose each other's fighting ways, they have respect for the other and look out for each other. As his final moments are near; he turns to Naruto (who is in his three version Nine Tail chakra cloak) telling him not to give up on being friends with his little brother, he then turns back to Sasuke by poking his little brother's forehead one final time. Sasuke tries to attack him with Chidori, but Itachi easily deflects it and then breaks Sasuke's wrist. Following the brothers' battle, Itachi's plans start to fail due to the interference of Obito: Obito refocuses Sasuke's hatred that Itachi had engineered for himself to be used against Konoha, turning Sasuke into a criminal against Itachi's intentions. (He does not tell Naruto the crow's purpose, but the crow, implanted with Shisui's Mangekyo Sharingan, will react to seeing Itachi's eyes and compel whoever has the eyes to protect Konoha. 19-feb-2018 - Animated gif in Mirai nikki collection by Julia Lund Lack Itachi's dream was to become the Hokage, though he kept it hidden from others. Kisame often follows Itachi's orders, such as holding back his urge to kill his opponents. Before his father's shadow clone disappeared, Fugaku realized that Itachi was murdering the clan to save Sasuke and Naruto's life. Itachi never trusted Danzo and correctly suspected the elder still planned to kill Sasuke sometime in the future, and before leaving the village, he warned Danzo to never harm Sasuke or he will tell the village's secrets to its' enemies. Itachi was a highly intelligent individual. While showing him this, Itachi told Sasuke that he no longer wanted to lie to Sasuke and contemplated whether things would have turned out differently had he told Sasuke the truth of what was happening at the time. Despite his status as an infamous shinobi, Itachi Uchiha's appearance was not the most intimidating, apart from the intensity of his gaze. But Itachi told him that he was too tired, however Sasuke told Itachi that he is never too tire. Come si dice buongiorno in giapponese? Next to Namikaze Minato, Itachi had the highest scores in the history of the Ninja Academy. From the time of Sasuke's infancy, Itachi tasked himself with looking after him. Frasi naruto. However, the prospects for a bloodless end to hostilities between the two parties at that point were slim to none. Itachi first met Asuma when he and Kisame sneaked into Konoha to kidnap Naruto. Itachi tells Sasuke that he will always love him no matter what path he chooses. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, he accidentally dies while getting implanted by Sasuke's stage two Chidori that was meant for Naruto. Hiruzen always wanted to reach a peaceful resolution with the Uchiha clan, but when that failed, he accepted Itachi to act as a double spy in order to keep tabs on the clan. When they met again after Itachi had been reanimated, Naruto was surprised to see Itachi, who was equally surprised to see that Naruto gained control of the Nine-Tails' chakra. After just one mission together, Itachi's willingness to give Kakashi a chance enabled him to learn the truth about Kakashi's nickname as "Friend-Killer Kakashi". Itachi explained how he had implanted Shisui's eye into the crow, rigged it to use Kotoamatsukami with the command "protect Konoha" on whoever used his dojutsu. Uchiha Sasuke is Itachi's younger brother, by four years. He nevertheless succeeds in buying enough time to complete the One-Tail's sealing. There are several differences between his character in the current timeline and in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream: Itachi has many similarities with Ursa from Avatar the Last Airbender. Citazioni su Itachi Uchiha Vasta raccolta di citazioni, frasi e dialoghi di Itachi. While killing some of the clan members Itachi met up with his father's shadow clone. To get back at Itachi, Deidara eagerly fought Sasuke with the idea that killing him would entice Itachi to seek revenge on him and get him into fighting him. Sasuke exhibited an improvement in his abilities during their confrontation, so Itachi agreed to have their final battle at the Uchiha Hideout. Claudia Uchiha er på Facebook. On their way back to Konoha, Itachi thinks that Tenma is just like his clan when thinking about his clan and not about their village as a whole. Itachi tells his parents that he can't tell them about his top secret mission. In un confronto con un personaggio di nome Kabuto, Itachi svelerà le ragioni del suo gesto, e nel dialogo con l'avversario pronuncerà delle frasi di grande impatto, che Kishimoto ci ha donato, e di cui ognuno di noi credo possa fare tesoro: Ora capisco che conoscere sè stessi non significa cercare di essere perfetti. Imploring Naruto to keep the truth a secret for the sake of his clan's honor, he then entrusted dealing with Sasuke to him. Itachi could also use genjutsu to share information or psychologically disable opponents, allowing him to end fights before they even began. Teoria tradotta e revisionata da Kairi Uchiha io posto direttamente il topic sotto personalmente, la ritengo la miglior teoria narutiana mai apparsa, è un pò lunga da leggere ma merita ----- Il materiale riportato qui di seguito non è stato scritto tutto di mano mia, si tratta però di una mia traduzione con mie aggiunte di un'interessante teoria postata su Narutofan riguardante il Clan. Itachi tells off Yashiro, Tekka and Inabi for only caring about their clan instead of Konoha. He then took Obito's offer to join the Akatsuki right after the clan was murder, to which Itachi had told Hiruzen before leaving the village. Juzo then told Itachi he doesn't care about his own reasons for joining the group. Itachi then thanks Nekobaa before he and his team leave. !,Bugie,10.000 In their final moments together, Itachi tells Sasuke he does not need forgiveness and that he will always love him no matter what. Quando la morte si avvicina a te per ghermirti, capirai chi sei. He also wore purple nail polish on his fingers and toes and a necklace which had three silver rings with red gems inside them. A week after Itachi was suspected of Shisui's murder, Sasuke told Itachi that he was going to go train and asked him to help him. However, when Naruto decided to stop the war on his own, Itachi told him that despite becoming stronger, Naruto was forgetting all those who he wanted acknowledgement from and that with those egotistical thoughts, he would become like Obito. Itachi and Izumi met when they are five-years-old on the day of their Ninja Academy entrance ceremony in the novel. Itachi silently picked it up and fastened it around his head, shedding a tear as he took a final look at Sasuke before the latter finally fainted. Deidara and Tobi go after Sasuke following the Four-Tails' sealing, and Akatsuki later receives reports that all three have been killed. Expressing his regret about the path Sasuke had chosen and partially blaming himself, he resolved to talk no further, which led Sasuke to retort that Itachi was still running away from him even in death. Hiruzen always had nothing but good things to say about Itachi and credits Itachi for preventing another war from breaking out by killing his clan. His actions in the Akatsuki were meant to reinforce this persona, and whenever he met Sasuke over the years he would taunt his weakness and encourage him to get strong enough to kill him. Which includes Sasuke, who seeks to avenge their family. Emanuele Chiara Pasini is on Facebook. Right after Sasuke joined the Akatsuki, Sasuke is shocked when he sees Itachi appear in front of him. In the anime, Itachi also aided in the recruitment of Hidan. After his cloak was incinerated by Sasuke's Kirin during their fight in Part II, it was revealed that he wore similar clothes to that of the rest of Akatsuki. I risultati, per nulla sorprendenti: 01. During the mission, the convoy was attacked by Obito, who killed Tenma right in front of him, in which caused Itachi to finally awaken his Sharingan. At age 10, Konoha officials allowed Itachi to compete in the Chūnin Exams, and he passed the Chunin Exams without being on a squad team and became a chunin. He also had a habit of neglecting his daughter in favor of his duties of protecting the village, and her. Read Citazioni 11° from the story Citazioni Di Naruto [COMPLETA] by Gaiaperleonardi (vylfee) with 2,079 reads. Two years later after returning from his mission with his clans men, Itachi welcomed Sasuke's home. By his own design, Itachi had a profound influence on Sasuke's life. revealing the truth about his Mangekyo Sharingan instead of the Sharingan. The two sleep outside. In an attempt to both impede Obito and convince him into joining forces during their initial encounter. << Rilassati, lascia fare a me >> nel frattempo il drago ha aperto del tutto il kimono, slacciando la fascia che lo teneva chiuso << Harry, ho il sospetto che ti tu stia pensando a cose molto sconce >> Itachi si solleva sui ginocchi e con le braccia lungo i suoi fianchi, guarda con sguardo passionale il giovane dio.. Ma resta il fatto che allora itachi non avrebbe potuto servirsene contro saske nello scontro. When he couldn't, he would end the fight as quickly as possible, all the while holding himself back. While Kisame would sometimes protest, he considered Itachi a good friend and would listen to his instructions. A rift was created between Itachi and his family, and his warnings to them to reconsider what they were doing fell on deaf ears. Cosa ne pensate dello scontro in corso tra Itachi e Sasuke? So Itachi never defected the village, and Sasuke never grew to hate him. Shisui takes Itachi back to the Uchiha compound, and the two talk about the events of the day. He gives Naruto some assistance for this purpose: a special crow that he stores within Naruto's body. On the night of the massacre, Itachi pretended to hate his little brother and tortured him with the words that he murdered their family simply to test his powers. His permanent appearance was through the Koto Amatsukami, namely Takagi no Kami and Amaterasu who sent Yatagarasu as a saviour to end Emperor Jimmu's war. Anna Ziletti este pe Facebook. He also heard about Hiruzen's death, while led for Itachi to wonder if Sasuke is alright. He was able to throw shuriken so fast to keep up with Sasuke, who could throw his shuriken at an increased pace. When first awakening his Sharingan it had two Tomoes on both of his eyes. As Naruto and B fought Nagato directly, Itachi blinded both the King of Hell and the chameleon summon with a barrage of kunai.