Lalo accepts Gus's cover story and apology, but remains suspicious. Jesse conceals the slim ricin vial inside a cigarette that he returns to the pack upside-down. I was rewatching the Breaking Bad episode S04E08 (Hermanos) and I didn't quite understand why exactly Don Eladio killed Gus's partner, but he let Gus live. Without him and Jesse, says Walt, the lab is just "an eight million dollar hole in the ground" ("Box Cutter"). "This is a mistake," says Walt. Share Tweet “Better Call Saul” is coming back for a sixth and final season, but if series star Giancarlo Esposito has his way, the hit crime drama won’t … Your partner was late. Don Paco. "You kill me," says Walt, "you have nothing. And if you were to hurt him in the same manner again, I would not stand in your way.Gus to Mike. A bullet to the head would have been far too humane.Gustavo. Little is known about Gus' past, except that he was supposed to have originally come from Chile. He has also established a full working relationship with Mike, who has become his chief of security and head enforcer. Walt manages to persuade Gus into purchasing thirty-eight pounds of his meth for $1.2 million; after the product yields good returns, Gus offers Walt $3 million for three months of his time. Mike later forces Walt to provide the new hazard pay for Gus' incarcerated men out of their methamphetamine earnings in their new operation to his barely concealed rage and disgust ("Hazard Pay"). It is later revealed by Hank that Gus' laptop was heavily encrypted and thus useless to the DEA; therefore Walt and Jesse destroying it only gave the DEA a better lead ("Live Free or Die",  "Madrigal"). Now the Salamanca name dies with you. He then forces the survivor to call the middleman who arranged the killing and report that Lalo is dead. ("Coushatta"). He plots to have Wendy poison the dealers with burgers, but as Wendy and Jesse are in Jesse's car they notice that the dealers aren't in their regular spot. Saul Goodman makes the blunt observation "You two suck at peddling meth, period", but as the two still have 38 pounds remaining, Saul offers to connect them with a distributor through "a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy." He initially wasn't all that bad, but circumstances with the Cartel have forced him to become just as bad as they are. Parmi lesquelles le meilleur acteur dans un second rôle aux Critics' Choice Television Awards de 2012[3]. Cesar. Juan reminds Lalo that Gus enjoys the trust of Don Eladio, and indicates that Lalo should let the matter drop. Amid the commotion, Mike slips away unnoticed, discarding a syringe as he leaves. Gus wants Lalo released, so he has Mike provide Jimmy the details of his investigation into Lalo. "There's something he should know about," he tells Victor, Gus' subordinate, who relays the message. Gus left Chile in 1986, the same year in which the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front attempted to assassinate Pinochet. Employees must answer the phon… As Gus departs, police race upstairs where medical staffers are attempting CPR on the flat-lining Cousin. Later, Madrigal executive Lydia Rodarte-Quayle meets with Mike and asks him to kill eleven men from Gus' operation in order to tie any loose ends. When you have children, you always have family. plot-explanation breaking-bad dialogue. While having no problem killing someone, Gus seems to not enjoy doing it and only enjoy killing people that did something to him, like Eladio Vuente. An SUV arrives. "You're supposed to be some kind of 'reasonable' businessman. But "this person" protecting him, Walt continues, "was playing a much deeper game." I will kill your infant daughter.Gustavo Fring threatening Walter White in the desert. Gus orders his henchmen to allow Nacho to take the extra portion, as he is scouting a commercial laundry with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. Later, Walt arrives at the superlab and hears the whirring sound of a surveillance camera tracking his every move: Gus is watching him. Enraged, Jesse goes to the drug corner, picks up his gun and walks toward it. Gustavo Fring's twenty-year plan for revenge finally comes to fruition ("Salud"). Do you know who killed Joaquin? After washing up, Gus silently changes back into his street clothes. "Now, thank me and shake my hand," Gus softly commands. I tried to grab it, but it slipped away. When Gus was 7 years old, he raised a lucu… Gus, having earlier prevented Mike's assassination attempt against Hector Salamanca, explains that he does not want Salamanca to die at this point in time. The businessman replies that the Cousin is unlikely to survive. When Lalo goes to investigate, Nacho opens the gate and flees. Gale, he explains, won a chemistry scholarship that Gus established to honor Maximino Arciniega, a dear friend of his who died too young. Gus goes on to claim that in an effort to hide the loss, he replaced the stolen cocaine with locally produced methamphetamine. Hank's colleagues are convinced by the scholarship story, believing his alibi to be unquestionable and that nothing legal can incriminate. Likely late 1950s to early 1960s. I believe you have met him before. he tells Walt and Jesse, calmly. Gus also claims to have children, though they have never been seen nor anybody else in his family life has been revealed. They will always be your priority, your responsibility, and a man - a man provides. It lived for quite some time. Walt becomes quite worried that Gus will kill him, and purchases a gun. The merciful thing would've been to kill it. "You have one friend in this room," dismisses Gus, adding that without Walt, "I would be dealing with this in a very different way" ("Half Measures"). Gus arranges for Nacho to report to Mike about his activities to undermine the Salamanca organization. Chronologically, Max is the first character to die on-screen, since his death occurred before both the pilot of Breaking Bad and the first episode of Better Call Saul. If you're gonna make a move, you better make it. If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. Fring maintient une image publique positive, en soutenant la Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). "Maybe next time," taunts Gus, leaving Tio to silently rage in his chair ("Hermanos"). After a flashback to when Tio murdered Gus's friend Max when they pitched their meth to the cartel boss Don Eladio, Gus leans in close to Tio. Six feet under and half a face... he's still screwing with us.Hank Schrader while trying to solve the Gus' Drug Empire case. In the hospital waiting room, a call from Gus interrupts Walt's conversation. In celebration, the cartel bosses take Jesse, Gus and Mike to a familiar location: Don Eladio's estate. Américain d'origine chilienne, Fring est un puissant trafiquant de méthamphétamine du Sud-Ouest des États-Unis, se servant pour ce faire de plusieurs entreprises légitimes, dont une chaine de restauration rapide appelée Los Pollos Hermanos (en) (« Les Frères Poulets ») et une blanchisserie industrielle, Lavanderia Brillante, comme couvertures pour un important trafic de stupéfiants. asks Gus. Eladio épargne Gus mais le force à coopérer avec l'entente selon les conditions d'Eladio. Nacho gains Lalo's trust, and after Domingo is arrested, Nacho and Lalo use Jimmy/Saul to secure Domingo's release from jail in exchange for the location of several of Gus's dead drops. Gus Fring avant Breaking Bad. Giancarlo Esposito, known for portraying Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, has a great spinoff idea for his memorably villainous character. At first, we ate the fruit ourselves. Later, the child used by the dealers, named Tomás Cantillo, is found dead. In flashback, Tio seethes silently in a nursing home as Gus almost victoriously describes the Cousins' deaths, and the cryptic warning Hank received before the attack. Hector begins furiously ringing his bell and gradually Gus sees that it is rigged to a bomb. I was so proud. However, I am not completely unsympathetic to your sense of justice. After a night in the desert, Mike kills the surviving gunman and Jimmy and he resume walking. As he starts his return trip, he is cut off by several gunmen who take the money and prepare to kill him. Gus takes the left way around, visually alluding to the metaphor. "Emergency only," Mike says. Gus is introduced to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the two's failed efforts to sell their meth leads to their street dealers either being killed (Combo), arrested (Badger), or quitting (Skinny Pete). Portail des séries télévisées américaines,, Article utilisant l'infobox Personnage (fiction), Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Article avec une section vide ou incomplète, Portail:Séries télévisées américaines/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Don Eladio. Gus coerces Nacho into providing inside information on the Salamancas. In the chaos, Nacho is able to switch Hector's fake medication back with his real pills, but Gus gives him a suspicious look. December 22, 2020 admin Leave a Comment on Giancarlo Esposito Shares Idea for Gus Fring-Focused ‘Breaking Bad’ Prequel. Gus agrees, warning Mike that the process will be difficult, and both men shake hands. Gus removes the GPS tracker from his car and stows it on a nearby newspaper dispenser before he drives to the nursing home, where he informs Tio that he has defied the Cartel's ultimatum and that Hank is looking into Gus's past. The gunmen enter, kill Lalo's family, and wound Lalo. Their resuscitation attempts fail and the Cousin dies. I want there to be no confusion. Walt rushes over, grabs the gun, and shoots the dealer in the head. So why don't you stop running a game on me and just tell me about the job?Mike, The doctor tells me your fever has gotten worse. Raison n°1 : Gus Fring est mystérieux. Hank asks ("Problem Dog"). After Gus departs, Hank and his colleagues discuss their impressions. Little is known about Gus' past, except that he was supposed to have originally come from Chile. One is killed instantly. Incensed by Jesse's insolence, but committed to finding a resolution, Gus tells the dealers "No more children," and orders Jesse to shake their hands ("Half Measures"). Hank Schrader has also staked out the restaurant to monitor Fring. And I have a theory about why this is. In 1994 he established a chemistry scholarship at the University of New Mexico in Max's name. ("Witness"), Escorted by his henchmen Victor and Tyrus Kitt, Gus arranges a remote meeting with Mike. La propriété sert de résidence au Dr Barry Goodman et comporte une fontaine dédiée à Max. He tells Walt, "It's just like my mother used to make it.". You kill Jesse, you don't have me." Gus admires professionalism and caution in his colleagues, and is generally calm and calculated. Entertainment . Walt returns to the parking lot and this time plants the GPS tracker. Around the same time, the cartel and the Salamanca family wanted revenge for the death of Tuco. The only time Gus did lose his cool, however, was moments before his death when he discovered Hector Salamanca was a suicide bomb to kill him. As Bolsa attempts to escape, he is met by a machine-gun-wielding assassin. Following that night's events, Walt finds himself in his car in the desert. Saul manages to arrange a meeting between Walt, Jesse and the distributor at a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant, but when Jesse turns up for the meeting late, high and agitated, the distributor does not make contact. Once activated, the magnet destroys the evidence room, and presumably the information on Gus's laptop.