In the episode Treachery, in Ragnar's absence, however, his decision to exclude Rollo turns out to be as prophetic as it is wise. At the feast in the hall of Earl Ragnar with Horik and Borg, Rollo is sitting solemnly with them. Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson is assumed to be born between 740 and 780. In the episode Boneless, Rollo, now fully redeemed by his defense of Kattegat and by his protection of Ragnar's wife and sons, is once more included in his brother's westward endeavors. As the ships approach closer to Paris, they see Rollo waiting with his new French allies. However, since he plans that the Vikings should raid Paris again in the spring, he orders that their camp remain established outside the city until the rest return. As a result of this, Ralph had to concede Maine and the Bessin areas to Rollo and his men. Rollo Lothbrok. While under the influence of the mushrooms, Rollo hacks the leg off of a captured Mercian soldier, saying that he just did not like the angle of the leg. Det var vikingen heller ikke meget for. That part is actually historically accurate. Lagertha's ground attack retreats and the Franks begin to light the Viking ships on fire. Rollo's tattoos represent Sköll and Hátthese the sons of. After Ragnar agrees to Ecbert's request to aid Princess Kwenthrith in her bid to rule Mercia, Rollo accompanies the joint Viking and Wessex force in battle. After the death of his father, his brother was killed and Rollo was forced out of Denmark. At this, Rollo quickly throws an axe into Svein, killing him with satisfaction after he had been tortured by him. Rollo suggests that her father also has Count Odo to which Gisla bad-mouths Odo by saying that she doesn't like him nor does she trust him, she amusingly adds that he may die in battle, getting slain by an unknown assailant, thereby having Charles to rely more on Rollo. In the episode The Choice, as a result, the battle is inevitable. The lands of the Northmen expanded even more with a third grant when Cotentin and Avranchin was given to William Longsword, Rollo’s son in 933 which is assumed to be the year of Rollo’s death. 4.4K likes. King Horik enters the Earl's hall to ask Ragnar what is going on. The Emperor offers him a vast area of land in the Northern part of Frankia and the title of Duke, with the assurance that he will be "Very rich". King Ecbert, realizing Rollo's importance and potential use, orders him cared for. Gisla jumps in by saying that they still have business here, family business. The BearCaesarRollo Lothbrok (formerly)Rolf Create a free family tree for yourself or for Ragnar Lothbrok and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Jarl Borg confers with Ragnar while Rollo observes from a distance. During the night, Rollo, Torstein, and Floki lead a party that locks Borg's men inside the barn in which they'd been quartered, sets it aflame, and burns them alive. In this episode, Rollo makes no secret that he is attracted to Lagertha, his brother's wife and is still saddened that she chose Ragnar over him. Please help. Sigurd Hring † (father)Alfhild Gandolfsdatter † (mother) Denmark or Norway – Where Was Rollo From ? Rollo is later released by King Ecbert as part of an agreement with the Northmen that includes payment of gold and silver, 5,000 acres of good farming land in Wessex, as well as recruiting those Northmen willing to fight as mercenaries for Princess Kwenthrith in her efforts to rule Mercia. In the episode Portage, while sitting at the table with the Emperor and his wife. During the arranged meeting, Rollo turns up and bears witness to Ragnar's baptism. Unable to come to his aid, Ragnar and Björn are forced to flee the field without him. With an adequate force at his disposal, Ragnar can now properly plan to oust Jarl Borg from Kattegat. Rollo climbs over the wheel and lodges two spears into the floor which lock the wheel in place. Setting camp in Wessex, Rollo notices the tension between Ragnar and King Horik. According to Flodoard’s account, when Charles III was overthrown because of a revolt, Robert of Neustria, his successor wanted to fight Vikings. Seriálový Rollo Lothbrok . Before agreeing, Jarl Borg consults with the skull of his late first wife. Rollo, also called Rolf or Rou, French Rollon, Old Norse Hrólfr, (born c. 860—died c. 932), Scandinavian rover who founded the duchy of Normandy.. Humiliated, Rollo decides to leave Kattegat, although Siggy convinces him to stay. In questa storia Hvitserk aiuta Aethelred a rivedere il fratello Alfred e a spiegarsi con lui e poi... come ricompensa, un bacio! Bjorn then asks Rollo what reason he has to stay. Ragnar and Rollo agree, but the earl wants to deal with Jarl Borg first. In the episode Invasion, four years later, Rollo has descended into self-destructive behavior. Rollo Lothbrok/ Ragnar Lothbrok x OC Vikings. "You think I should go?" Rollo or Hrolfr in Old Norse means "Famous Wolf". Grazie a chi leggerà questa storia molto fantasiosa e con un pizzico di ottimismo, ironia e lieto fine per tutti o quasi. Ragnar says he cannot forgive Jarl Borg for what he has done to his family and will take revenge by carving a blood eagle on his back. Sailing back home with all possible haste, Ragnar is brought by Helga, Floki's wife, to the farmhouse where his family has found refuge. Later, back at Ecbert's villa, Athelstan goes to Rollo to look after him. As it smashes into pieces, she bitterly says that if he goes away, whether he lives or dies that him leaving her would probably be the end of them. After the death of his father, his brother was killed and Rollo was forced out of Denmark. DukeViking Warrior (formerly) The real identity of this king was a mystery for some time until it was understood that Alstem was actually Guthrum, the Viking warlord who was baptized by Alfred the Great and recognized as king of the East Angles as shown in the Last Kingdom. Their founder and leader was Ragnar Lothbrok and the symbol is the raven, a reference to their claimed ancestor Odin, the raven-god. Both the Vikings and Franks prepare for the siege as the Christians gather to pray for protection from the pagans camped just around the riverbed. Vikings in 30 Pictures – What is Real and What is Not? As another important note here, Rollo the Viking is also the great-great-great-grandfather of William I of England who later became William the Conqueror. Ragnar offers to return the King's captured brother Aethelwulf and leave Northumbria in return for a ransom payment. When they are having sex, Rollo starts to strangle Siggy, asking her why she has sex with King Horik. Rollo maintains a stoic expression in the face of these offers until the envoy tells him that Emperor will also offer his reluctant daughter's hand in marriage. Was the Real-life Rollo Ragnar Lothbrok’s Brother? The siege of Paris during 885 and 886 was the first time Rollo’s name appeared in the history as a Viking leader. Rollo leads his brother's family and Siggy to the shelter of a remote farm where they await the return of Ragnar. Born: When Rollo is confronted by Ragnar for face-to-face combat, Rollo can not bring himself to fight his br… Aug 16, 2013 - the vikings rollo | Vikings / Ragnar & Rollo #vikingsIm digging this show ,very close to life back then,and eay on the eye. Rollo married Princess Gisla, the daughter of Charles III, the King of West Francia to seal the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte which also made him the Duke of Normandy. Here are the answers to all these questions as accurate as they could be given considering the scarcity of written records regarding those times. Rollo je zkušený vikinský bojovník, který preferuje silné obouruční zbraně jako sekeru či meč. Therefore, Rollo is one of the ancestors of the present day British royal family and several other European monarchs through his descendants. 13-nov-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "Rollo" di Isabella Coletto su Pinterest. A messenger from a possible new ally arrives. Gisla threatens that if she thought that her children were Viking she would kill them and herself which angers him. Rollo rides to the Viking encampment outside Paris, gives the signal, and a horde of hidden Frankish bowmen cut down every man, woman, and child. After Lagertha and her shield maidens infiltrate the city gates and open the outer doors, Rollo leads the main charge into the entrance. Rollo insists that he will be a great man someday and that Siggy would regret leaving him just because he sleeps with other women. They discreetly invade Kattegat, killing several soldiers quietly but a large battle ensues as the alarm is raised and Ragnar's men realize they are under attack. Both Robert and his successor Ralph were defeated by the Vikings. Who was Rollo the Viking in real life ? King Ecbert, having studied the strategies of Caesar and the Roman legions of old, has drawn the Northmen onto a battlefield of his own choosing. With the onset of winter around the corner, the lack of winter grain makes Jarl Borg's grasp on Kattegat untenable. In the episode A King's Ransom, during a raid into Northumbria, the Vikings are invited into the castle of King Aelle in order to negotiate. However, there are speculations regarding the existence of Gisla and/or her legitimacy as  King Charles’ daughter. In the episode The Wanderer, after participating in the first battle against King Brihtwulf, Rollo and Torstein consume some intoxicating mushrooms. Gisla later gets a new haircut and starts to behave more lasciviously, even taking Rollo to a nearby room to have sex during the Christmas feast. Seriálový Rollo Lothbrok . Children: At the very end of the episode, Rollo is seen standing with the rest of the fleet onlooking the Mediterranean sea. Each must die some day! Ragnar Lothbrok Katheryn Winnick Donna Vichinga Storia Di Ciclo Stili Casual Costume Da Vichingo Guerriero Vichingo Donne Guerriere Mitologia Scandinava. Realizing she doesn't want to make love to him, he mocks her by just going to sleep, amused by her attempt to murder him with a dagger. In "Moments of Vision", as Bjorn prepares to leave Kattegat, Rollo approaches via the fjord with an envoy of Frankish soldiers. As the Viking fleet sails down the fjord on its way to England, a frustrated Rollo watches from the clifftops, longing to be off raiding once more. Warriors don't show their heart until the axe reveals it. He then proceeds to tell her that he loves her and their children, but he cannot deny that part of him which is still Viking. But, according to the accounts of the time, it was not Ragnar Lothbrok but Rollo and some other Viking chieftains who made the attack on Paris resulting in him being baptized and becoming the Duke of Normandy (more on that later in the article). In the episode What Might Have Been, the Emperor Charles pleads with Rollo to not change sides, to not go back to his brother, to which Rollo promises that he will not betray the Emperor nor will he betray Paris and that he will most definitely not betray his wife to which Gisla joyfully smiles before saying that they will prevail. Rollo accepts and goes to the city to meet the Emperor. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Later, Horik shows the "King's Sword" to his son and tells him his plan. Rollo receives a visit from Eirik. Though appearing receptive at first, Kwenthrith ultimately refuses and slaps Rollo, angrily telling him "No!" In the episode Two Journeys, Duke Rollo is first seen sat on his Normandy throne with his wife, Gisla and their three children William, Marcellus, and Celsa as his two nephews and the other Vikings enter the Palace. Later when the battle is won Rollo and Gisla take a stroll on the beach and to her dismay she is surprised to see women among the dead on the beach. In the episode Scarred, after the victorious campaign in Mercia, Rollo exchanges some pleasantries with Prince Aethelwulf at the Viking-Wessex camp. Ragnar and his allies return to Kattegat in triumph. 14 of 95 individuals View all. Despite the Earl's attempts to bribe Rollo to turn against Ragnar, he testifies in support of his brother, who is then acquitted. He strongly believes in his Gods, especially Thor and that bad things happen to him because the Gods are punishing him. Rollo of Normandy, also known as Rollo Sigurdsson and Rolf, is Ragnar Lothbrok's older brother and the Duke of Normandy. When Lagertha later kills Knut for trying to rape a Saxon woman and her, Ragnar falsely claims that he killed Knut so as to protect his wife and is put on trial by Earl Haraldson. The fearsome Viking … Once the rest of the ships arrive, the Vikings sail up river towards France and notice there's no sign of Rollo's camp. In the episode The Last Ship, on the river, a fleet of Frankish ships approach the Vikings with Rollo leading the way. AKA: Rollo suggests building forts and pulling a chain across tipping the boats into the water to prevent the Vikings from sailing up the river. Follow horse racing with Alex Hammond on Sky Sports - get live racing results, racecards, news, videos, photos, stats (horses & jockeys), plus daily tips. Visualizza altre idee su vichinghi, navi vichinghe, history channel. Although Ragnar and his men laugh and balk at this stipulation, Rollo agrees to do so, to the surprise of his companions. The descendants of Rollo also conquered England, Italy (Sicily in particular) and even lands as far as Middle East, namely the Principality of Antioch (a region within the lands of modern day Turkey and Syria). In the episode Answers in Blood, Rollo is surprised and genuinely happy to see Lagertha once more, and seemingly not on the basis of his past desire for her. Rollo is grateful for Ragnar's forgiveness, but is disappointed at accepting his exclusion from the raid. Rollo is played by the Northern Irish actor Clive Standen in History Channel’s Vikings. In the episode The Profit and the Loss, as the ships approach the forts, Rollo orders the Franks to raise a large metal chain between the forts, which capsizes Harald's ship. Rollo, más írásmóddal Rodla, Hrolf, franciául Raoul (Rudolf), megkeresztelkedése után Róbert (Möre, 846 körül – Normandia, 932) Normandia első hercege 911-től 927-ig.. Rollo a norvégiai Möréből származott. Therefore, although a meeting between these two “might” have happened, it probably did not considering nothing in the limited resources links these two historical figures to each other. In the episode The Lord's Prayer, Floki, angered and drunk, confronts Athelstan, claiming no one wants him in Kattegat and that it's his fault Rollo is going to die. I. As a result of his grief, Rollo drinks heavily and provokes fights with his fellow Vikings. In the show, these attacks are the reason Rollo gets involved with the French court and becomes a member of it. Rollo I don’t want to see you.” You push yourself off the pillar and began to walk away from Rollo, only for him to follow after you, making you let out a fustrated sigh. Later, Rollo tells Gisla that the only way he'll let them pass is if he can go with them. His wife still upset that he abandoned her and their children asks the guards to leave her and Rollo alone to talk. I will not betray you. When she asks if she will ever meet her Rollo answers "Maybe someday". The producer, Michael Hirst and the team behind Vikings already told many times during different interviews that Vikings is based on Viking sagas and records regarding the adventures of Northmen (which were mostly oral records) but historical accuracy was not  the main focus of the TV show. When Floki chides Rollo for doing so, Rollo responds that they cannot be enemies with everyone at all times. Still, under the influence, Rollo and Torstein just laugh at her strange behavior. Aelle agrees to pay the ransom, but adds the condition that one of Ragnar's men must become Christian first, so he can only negotiate and make peace with a fellow Christian. During the battle, Rollo critically injures Floki and kills Arne, impaling him with a spear and almost superhumanly lifting him skyward above the fray, although Arne's death struck Rollo with some guilt for striking down his former comrade. However, Rollo is later seen looking crestfallen and guilty as he and the other Vikings head back to the ship. She wakes him up by throwing cold water on his face. When one of the men moves to attack Borg's pregnant wife Torvi, Rollo stops him. Emperor CharlesRagnar Lothbrok (formerly) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 13-nov-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "Rollo" di Isabella Coletto su Pinterest. However, there are a lot of theories about the identity of the real Ragnar Lothbrok. However, there is still some confusion around one of the historical drama's biggest rivalries. Rollo je zkušený vikinský bojovník, který preferuje silné obouruční zbraně jako sekeru či meč. In the episode All His Angels, Rollo is seen in a flashback by his brother Ragnar just before he is thrown into the snake pit to die. Appearance Count: Though Rollo seems to remain as staunch a pagan as any of his comrades, Floki's rebuke still unsettles him. He then yells at Floki "How many Christians have I killed!". However, Gisla is still upset that she was forced to marry him against her will and is still disgusted by the former Norseman. Some historians already argued that the large-scale attacks on Paris depicted in the TV series happened a long while after Ragnar Lothbrok died. He is a fine husband to Gisla and father to William, Marcellus and Celsa. Charles asks Odo to go find him and beg him to stay. In the episode Death All 'Round, Charles proudly announces to his fellow-subjects that his daughter is carrying Rollo's child and gives then gives Roland the title of Duke. King Horik, however, has no interest in diplomacy or negotiation, secretly sending a company of warriors under his son Erlendur into the forest to ambush Aethelwulf and his escort on their way back, intentionally sparing only Aethelwulf. Rollo Lothbrok. A fearsome warrior with a wild, impulsive streak, Rollo has begun to grow jealous of his increasingly prominent br