Astrokaktus 2014 - Ljubljana

A couple of weeks ago we received a most pleasant invitation from our friend Giorgio : " We are going to visit his friend Zvone , the owner of the nursery Astrokaktus , in Ljubljana : do you want come with us? "

I haven't any doubts , the company is a guarantee of fun , it is also been a while that I wanted to visit the nursery; Elvia and Moreno unfortunately were not able to come, for reasons of force majeure, so this time I'll tell you about this wonderful day .

Departure from home at 06:30 am for meet group at the Casa Rossa forecourt of Gorizia. We were almost all on time ...

We are: Me, Carlo, Erika, Francesco , Franco, Giorgio, Giuliano, Loris , Miriam, Raffaella, Sergio and Wanda (it's bad for whom not there ... )

After reaching him to home, Zvone accompany us to the greenhouse: wonderful! Once inside you are surrounded by plants: the plants are everywhere, it is even difficult to reach some areas , but they are all very beautiful and healthy . My compliments to Zvone because it is very good at keeping them so well. All we rub our eyes and make our purchases ... ( someone with help of the landlord , ever helpful ) .

Once the ride ended, dueto the rain , we go home to Zvone for lunch: kindly he prepared the tables covered at the front of the house. Here among Lambrusco , Cabernet , "Frico", "salame", pickled onions , confectionery and savory pies ( we all shared something respecting the " Friulan style" ) we carouse great!

When we are super satisfied, Zvone accompanies us to see his collection: the most beautiful pearls are Discocactus ... wonderful!

We say goodbye to Svone giving us an appointment at Trent.
Once in Gorizia for us it's time to say goodbye ourself: there's a little displeasure at the time of departure, but also the awareness of having spent a beautiful day in a beautiful place, with a WONDERFUL company!

Thank you all for the wonderful day: you see just that we were happy. 

Thank Zvone that, in addition to his greenhouse, he shared with us his time, his collection and his house: very nice person. 

A special thanks to Giorgio for sharing with us his photos but above all for being so LEGENDARY!!


Here are the photos of the day (some photos are also visible on the forum cactipedia):