New video: Mexico 2015

The new video of the trip to Mexico in 2015 is online: go to "Our videos" to see it.

Palmanova 2015

Also this year we managed to organize a meeting between friends in Franco Dalmin's greenhouses  in Palmanova.

On July 26, a large number of friends have gathered to spend a day together to talk and to see our beloved plants. An occasion to strengthen the bonds of friendship born under this passion. The day kissed by a beautiful sun has passed quickly.

With perfect organization we could see the plants of Franco and then find under the big top for the moment edible ... much appreciated by all. Each guest brought some of their specialty area, pasta with meat sauce or vegetables and then move on to grilled sardines, polenta, various vegetables, sweet, watermelon (given the heat) ... a feast for the tummy!

We ended the day at Carlo's home to admire his collection.

We would like to thank everyone for the warmth and hospitality, always at the forefront Giorgio and Giuliano for the organization and also the friends who have come from far away ... so meetings serve to maintain friendships between beautiful people.

See you soon friends


Chile - Argentina Videos 2014

They are on-line, on the section OUR VIDEOS and on youtube, new movies of our trip to Chile and Argentina in 2014: one referring to the common passion for plants and the journey, other referring fishing on the Parana River, passion Moreno.

"Meeting" in Palmanova

It all started from a single message around November:

"We can not wait to meet this spring, let's meet before the holidays ..."

And so started the organizational machine !!

All were happy to join the meeting launched my and Giorgio idea: right away all that were there gave their ok (unfortunately Francesco and Sergio for commitments could not be with us in any any possible date ). Designated date December 21 for lunch.

Starting up early from Belluno, Verona, Vicenza etc ... appointment to the greenhouses of Franco at 10:30.

During the trip comes to all a greeting from the great Giorgio makes us a nice overview of the situation and warns us that we will find the equally great Giuliano to welcome us.

A little 'time to come all: Giuliano (which is already there), I, Eleonora, Wanda and Michele, Elvia and Moreno, Cristiano and Erika, Nico and Nicoletta, Erika, the great Alfredo who has come all the way alone (!!), the magnificent Claudio and Silvia who come from far away to give us their wonderful company, Miriam, Roberto, Loris, Enrica, Carlo, Raffaella and Marco, Giorgio and Fabiana and, last but not least, the beloved Franco who reurn from work.

After several strolls for greenhouse and choosing some plants we go to lunch: destination "Trattoria" / Farmhouse "Da Ivan". Great company and great food ... what else ??

After chatting and eating properly we salute (someone stays longer) making greetings and promising to meet again soon.

A special thanks to the two columns of Friuli Giuliano and Giorgio ... THANK YOU !!





Thank Giorgio for this photo



Cactus house friends 2014 - now upload

Hello everyone! News referred to on the menu -> Cactus friends parties you will see the article and photos of the beautiful day spent with many friends "succulent" and not Risatona