Cactus Trentino Sudtirol Association "Ferragosto" barbecue 2022

It is not "Ferragosto" (August 15th) without the barbecue of the friends of the Cactus Trentino Südtirol association.

This year we are back to basics after the years of change of location due to the Covid emergency.

We arrived in dribs and drabs from 11 but all those who worked on the preparation were already as good as ready.

The lavish aperitif accompanied the first chat and hugs and took us until lunchtime: all really delicious. Applause to the cooks !!

Lunch then continued until dessert and coffee, waiting for the famous lottery with numerous seedings of Aldo Delladdio up for grabs, some offered plants and the beautiful creations of Sil ceramiche's Bolognese friends (Casalecchio sul Reno).

After the lottery there was the group photo (almost complete), we fixed the next appointments after the goodbyes we returned home happy for having spent such a beautiful day together.


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