Cactus house born from a dream: a suitable place to house a collection become cumbersome!

Cactus House

After getting married and having "infected" with a passion succulent also Moreno, in a few years we found ourselves with the small rented apartment full of plants. The terrace suitably modified had become a small greenhouse, the living room, in winter, granted the African plants most in need of warmth and garage housed the largest. We soon found ourselves in a difficult situation: or we find a place to booze us a greenhouse or we should get rid of many specimens because in the meantime grew and grew ...

It was not easy to find a place and an house he did for us (even for their prices are always too high!); but we finally arrived here in Via Boschi. The house, so let's call it, was a cellar-garage, barn, all to be restored but had a gorgeous lawn facing south.




Let's leave all the work to make livable these walls and arrive at the greenhouse. 

 Le serre dall'alto

The first was 6 to 8 meters long but soon became small (sow a bad thing ...), we added another piece of 8 by 4 meters. Meanwhile, with all that space, 24,000 mq. of land, my passion for animals took over: in addition to 2 cats we already had, we went to the kennel in Belluno and found Birillo, a kind of Pomeranian dog breed but with temperament of a doberman, 3 donkeys, 2 “rosselle” (small colorful parrots), 2 squirrels, fish of various species ( I lost count of how many are in the two lakes that we did), 3 turtles and cats have become 4… practically a small zoo.



But the plants grew and grew...


At the end Moreno leaders and began the construction of the third greenhouse. The first columnar (Trichocereus pachanoi) sown in 1996 now touched the roof to 3 meters, so we thought we'd make it 6 meters high. The new piece, always united to the other, measuring 10 by 10 meters so as to get everything finished a structure 10 by 18 meters.

Moreno took 3 years of weekends to finalizing it with irrigation in bed, towels for energy saving and all that is needed for the proper functioning. 



In the summer, as you can see in the photo, we use a shade cloth that we hail from mid-March to late October. In addition to the plants inside, two years ago we created a flowerbed outside in the south-west and we planted opuntia, echinocereus, agaves and yuccas hardy.


Let's see if we can grow them in spite of our climate is not the best with rainy autumns and winters are very cold: if the experiment works we will further widen our collection. 








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